SERC Membership

Whether you’re an individual student looking for personal development or a student organization working towards greater organizational capacity, SERC Membership provides individual students and student organizations with the support and opportunity to actively participate in a collaborative, inclusive sustainability community.

Spring 2018 Deadline to Apply: Friday, January 26th 


What is SERC Membership?
SERC Membership was piloted in Fall 2016, with the goal of providing individual students the opportunity to help build a collaborative, inclusive student community around sustainability. We aim to preserve institutional memory around environmental projects, build a more cohesive community, and get new students plugged in to existing events. Members will receive various membership benefits, including structured volunteer opportunities with other SERC Members, priority booking for SERC Staff office hours, and resources for student organizations.



SERC Teams:

SERC Outreach Team (recommended for new folks)
– Tables and flyers on Sproul 2-3 times a week, and more during the first few weeks of school.
– A great fit for SERC Members who love to talk to and meet new people, and for those who aren’t plugged into any environmental organizations yet.
– Must commit to: Attending a meeting 2x a month led by the Community Engagement Associate, tabling at least 7 hours each semester.

SERC Action Team
– Actively works with Events and Advocacy & Action Associate to scout out information on environmental events, so that the Advocacy & Action Associate can post them on a weekly basis, or whenever necessary.
– A great fit for students who would like to become more engaged in environmental/political events.
– Must commit to: Attending a meeting 2x a month led by Advocacy & Action Associate, posting about 5 different events each semester.

Baseline Membership Requirements:
– Attend 1 or more SERC-sponsored events
– Attend a SERC Member Orientation at the beginning of the semester
– Attend SERC Member Team meetings
– Minimum 5 hours/semester of SERC work

Download the SERC Membership Outline (pdf) (2016 Copy; 2017 version coming soon)