SERC Membership

Whether you’re an individual student looking for personal development or a student organization working towards greater organizational capacity, SERC Membership provides individual students and student organizations with the support and opportunity to actively participate in a collaborative, inclusive sustainability community.



Fall 2018 Deadline to Apply: Friday, September 14th, 2018


What is SERC Membership?
SERC Membership was piloted in Fall 2016, with the goal of providing individual students the opportunity to help build a collaborative, inclusive student community around sustainability. We aim to preserve institutional memory around environmental projects, build a more cohesive community, and get new students plugged in to existing events. Members will receive various membership benefits, including structured volunteer opportunities with other SERC Members, priority booking for SERC Staff office hours, and resources for student organizations.

SERC Fall 2018 Teams:

SERC Outreach Team (recommended for new folks)
Coordinator: Maggie Li
Objectives: Our team aims to create impactful & educational programming to engage students in environmentalism. Our programmatic goals encompass the intersections of sustainability, equity, leadership development, and community building.
– Organize and execute 2-3 educational/social events for the broader environmental community through SERC
– Collaborate with ASUC Senator Anna Whitney’s office to plan Climate Justice Week this fall
– A great fit for SERC Members who love to talk to and meet new people, and for those who aren’t plugged into any environmental organizations yet.
SERC Carbon Crew (Carbon Neutrality)
Coordinator: Dante Gonzalez
Objectives:  Our team focuses on community engagement/resiliency, establishing various collaborate coalitions throughout the environmental field, and continuing the work of Anna Whitney in terms of limiting meat consumption in campus dining halls.
– Establish a support group of Berkeley students to advise and educate local K-12 students in how to effectively implement change regarding carbon neutrality in local schools and districts
– Creation of an open line of communication between energy/sustainability projects on campus to promote collaboration and cohesiveness throughout the environmental community
– Work to implement Meatless Mondays at campus dining halls in order to reduce carbon offsets produced through meat consumption
SERC Zero Waste Team
Coordinator: Jenny Chiu
Objectives: Our team will strive to help the campus reach its Zero Waste by 2020 goals by creating a cradle-to-cradle campus waste management system via both upstream and downstream methods. This is meant to be a mentored/collaborative space where members can be introduced to or delve deeper into the zero waste world and its implications both on campus and internationally.
– Both hands-on (support for 3D Printer Filament Recycling, Plastics Research Facility, E-waste Recycling, etc.) and more information research work are available
– Projects and involvement are meant to be tailored to member interests, so we are open to any kind of zero waste-related project
SERC Blog Team
Coordinator: Nils Jepsen
Objectives: Our team aims to create a campus-specific environmental publication that covers the intersectionality of sustainability, politics, and ecology on both the Berkeley campus and on a larger regional, national, and global scale through coverage of environmental leaders, events, and organizations. You can take any of the following roles for our blog, or suggest your own:
– Columnist: Have your own weekly/monthly column on a subject of your choice, whether you’re the environmental justice, agricultural, national. or media columnist. It’s up to you!
– Reporter: Become a campus reporter! Go to environmental events, interview leaders on campus, and really cover the Berkeley’s environmental scene.
– New media: We’re trying to establish more of a “new media” presence with our blog. Whether that’s the creation of different types of environmental quizzes, recipes, or more casual blog posts, your creativity is needed!

Baseline Semester Membership Requirements:
– Attend 1 or more SERC-sponsored events
– Attend a SERC Member Orientation at the beginning of the semester
– Attend SERC Member Team meetings (2x/month)
– 5-8 hrs/month commitment

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