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Environmentalists of Color Scholarship

2022-2023 Application Details Coming Late Fall

About The Scholarship

In May 2021, SERC secured funding from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) to establish a $10,000 recurring scholarship for the next three years to help bridge institutional gaps in support for Environmentalists of Color: The Environmentalist of Color Scholarship. 

$2,000 scholarships will be awarded to 5 students selected by the Environmentalist of Color Scholarship Review Committee. 

Scholarship Goals

  • Bridge institutional gaps in resources and funding for students of color to increase retention, and build radically inclusive social and environmental justice spaces on campus
  • Financially support passionate students of color working in the environmental field at UC Berkeley
  • Re-envision what a community scholarship can look like by eliminating barriers to entry and focusing on healing, joy, and growth rather than trauma.
    The Scholarship Committee recognizes that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Persons-of-Color) are frequently asked to exclusively call upon their experiences with racial trauma and violence in applications. We aim to resist that tokenization by encouraging applicants to consider their identities from the lens of radical healing, joy, and growth.

Applying to the Scholarship

This scholarship has a one round application and deliberation process. To apply, please answer the prompt questions on the google form when applications go live. Deadline TBD. Late applications will not be accepted or considered. Finalist scholarship winners will be announced in late November.


  • Registered UC Berkeley student (both undergraduate and graduate)
  • Identify as a POC
  • Passionate about Environmentalism (this does not have to be your field of study)


Q: What does ‘of color’ mean? 

A: While navigating the complexities and nuances of this question, SERC recognizes that being a “person of color” goes beyond just skin color, and can include an intersectional expanse of racial, ethnic, and cultural experiences and identities. If you identify as a “person of color”, we encourage you to apply.


Q: Do I have to be a US Citizen? 

A: No, applicants need not be a US Citizen or have a social security number to apply or to receive the scholarship award. 


Q: Can we use old pieces of work to answer prompts, such as an essay I wrote for another scholarship or class?

A: Yes! Previous work used for other scholarships, other classes, or anywhere else will be accepted.


Q: Can I still apply if I am not majoring in an environmental field?

A: Yes! We encourage anyone who is passionate about environmentalism to apply. We recommend checking out SERC if you’re interested in the eco-community at UC Berkeley


Q: Who sits on the Scholarship Review Committee? 

A: The Scholarship Review Committee is comprised of 3 SERC staff members, student representatives from bridges Multicultural Resource Center, Students of Color Environmental Collective and the SERC Alumni Committee. Please come back soon for a full list on who sits on the SERQueer Scholarship Review Committee.


Q: How will the scholarship be administered?

A: The SERC Team will administer the scholarship through CalLink. You will receive the scholarship as a check. Expect payment delays up to 1-2 months after scholarship award confirmation. Please contact us if you have any questions!


Q: Who can I contact if I have any questions? 

A: You can either email or with any and all questions.


Q: What is the timeline of the Scholarship? 

A: Round 1 applications are due by 5 PM PST on November 1st, 2021 via Google Form. Selected candidates will be notified by RRR week. Funds will be distributed to selected recipients in early spring. 


Q: Can I apply to both the TGIF Brian Gialketsis SERQueer Scholarship and the SERC Environmentalists of Color Scholarship?

A: Yes! You can apply to both and be awarded both. You are also welcome to use the same essays or answers in both applications as seems fit.