Additional Resources

We recognize there is a strong need and demand for mentors at Berkeley, especially within the field of environmental sustainability, and that there are not enough resources to meet the growing demand. We have compiled a list of resources on campus that can potentially be of use to students as they continue to go forward in their college career and beyond:

  • The Students of Color Environmental Coalition (SCEC) is launching a mentorship specifically for students of color. Please follow their Facebook page for more updates (linked here).
  • Sign up for SERC’s newsletter! There are so many opportunities and ways to get involved on and off campus, and SERC’s newsletter is a great place to start! We send out job/internship opportunities, workshop information, and more! 
  • SERC Membership Program: 
    SERC Membership was piloted in Fall 2016, with the goal of providing individual students the opportunity to help build a collaborative, inclusive student community around sustainability. We aim to preserve institutional memory around environmental projects, build a more cohesive community, and get new students plugged in to existing events.