VISION: Sustainability education for every UC Berkeley student.

The Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) cultivates a collaborative space to strengthen the collective effectiveness of the sustainability community, and provides resources for students to actualize their visions of a more equitable, socially just, and resilient future.


  • To provide institutional memory and leadership transition support for student orgs, projects, and initiatives
  • To cultivate safe space for civil discourse and the expression of diverse opinions
  • To engage students in applied and active education
  • To create a collaborative working space
  • To provide advising, financial, and leadership development resources to students
  • To offer educational programming and skills-based trainings
  • To communicate student-focused resources and opportunities
  • To build community centered on visions of a more equitable, socially just, and resilient future

The Student Environmental Resource Center was envisioned in 2012 by UC Berkeley students who, inspired by campus centers such as the Multicultural Community Center (MCC) and the Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq), determined the need for a similar campus center for the student environmental and sustainability community.

Beginning fall 2013, SERC transitioned from registered student organization to a University supported functional area within the LEAD Center. This transition included hiring the first SERC Director and adding The Green Initiative Fund to the SERC portfolio, recognizing TGIF and SERC’s shared history of being student-initiated sustainability-focused campus programs,  and TGIF’s reputation as a national model for campus green funds.

With the addition of TGIF to the SERC portfolio, TGIF grew its own program to now include UC Berkeley’s Zero Waste Research Center and the Nature Village: Sustainable Family Living program at University Village.