What’s in Store for this Year’s Food Day?

Food Day is almost here! This Friday, October 24th, is a national day of food-related activity that proliferates all around college campuses and communities. It is the pinnacle of Food Month, and UC Berkeley students have been tirelessly organizing exciting events for the occasion. At lunch time, local and sustainable food vendors are coming to Dwinelle Plaza to replicate a Farmer’s Market on campus. In the evening, the Berkeley Student Food Collective will be hosting a Kombucha Party to celebrate food, while the dining halls will host a Local Food Night for dinner.


From 11 am to 2 pm, vendors (such as Kevita, Happy Boy Farms, Tofu Yu, SolidariTEA, and more) will be sampling and selling a wide variety of foods for students to enjoy for lunch. A large number of environmental student groups and community food justice groups will be present alongside the vendors with interactive and educational activities planned. Additionally, there will be a demo on cooking healthy food with a college budget, as well as games and prizes for students to engage in.

“I hope that this event will give people the opportunity to engage with their food and see all the amazing local options surrounding them,” says Sarah Atkinson, coordinator of Cal Dining Sustainability. “If people take just one thing away from the event, I hope that it is a more mindful relationship to what they eat and how [this] can affect themselves and their community.”

To add fun to the day, the Berkeley Student Food Collective will be hosting a Kombucha Party in the evening. Starting at 5 pm by the Campanile, students can relax and celebrate while enjoying some kombucha and BSFC-provided snacks. A local band will provide the festivities with indie-folk music and students can participate in collaborative artwork and a photo-booth.

“I’m looking forward to an evening of inspiring conversations about the future of our food systems,” exclaims Grace Lihn, communications director of the BSFC. “And some really good food!”

At the same time as the Kombucha party, the dining halls will be hosting a Local Food night. All food served on this night will be sourced from suppliers within a 250 mile radius. In each dining hall, there will be an informative table that displays “what’s missing from my meal”, where students can learn more about the foods impossible to source locally.

Photo Credit: UHS Tang Center Food Day 2013

Photo Credit: UHS Tang Center Food Day 2013

After months of preparation, student groups aim to build the food movement with these food day events. “With the new UC Global Food Initiative in it’s infancy, we hope that this event will create more discussion and demand for sustainable food options on all UC campuses,” says Atkinson.

For a calendar of Food Month Events, click here.

Eva Malis

Eva is a fourth year Environmental Science student and the Communications Associate for SERC. Her passion lies in conservation biology, climate justice, and environmental communications.

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