The Tale of the Great Clark Kerr Pumpkin

Long long ago in the Spring of 2016, the gardeners of the humble Clark Kerr garden decided they would embark upon a quest: to add pumpkins to their small plot of land. And so the three gardeners bought a promising packet of heirloom pumpkin seedlings from the mystical Spiral Gardens. Over that rainy Spring season, a huge pumpkin grew and grew, and when it was finally picked, they wheeled it to the dining hall so that students from far and wide could guess just how heavy the magnificent squash was. Many valiant students tried, but only a few could guess that the pumpkin weighed seventy two pounds!

The gardeners cut up the mighty pumpkin and, alongside crafty Cal Dining chefs, made a delicious pumpkin curry that hardworking garden volunteers enjoyed at the Autumn Festival, along with tea made from herbs picked at that very garden. 

The hardworking gardeners then saved the seeds for the next season, and planned to grow an even more impressive pumpkin! They lost many of the seeds to mold, but some persisted and were planted during the following spring!

A year passed, and three more pumpkins were grown in the small garden. Tragically, one dark and stormy Halloween night, the three pumpkins that the gardeners had lovingly cared for all fall were stolen! The gardeners feared that they had lost the pumpkins forever, and their plans were dashed. No longer could they host a cooking demo for Berkeley students on how to cook pumpkins! No longer could they serve the squash to students who had traveled to the distant land of Clark Kerr for a hearty pumpkin dish! No longer could the remaining pumpkin be donated to the UC Berkeley Food Pantry!

The gardeners lamented at their misfortune, and students across the campus wondered where the great pumpkin had gone. Would they no longer be able to taste delicious curry, or guess the weight of that splendid orange orb? Would the Halloween season be ruined?

Many dreadful hours passed…but something must have changed in the heart of the thieves.  Perhaps the thieves could see that the dedicated gardeners wanted nothing more than to help their community appreciate nature and the joys of gardening. Perhaps they could recognize that many students would miss out on an opportunity to enjoy food that had been grown on their very campus. Perhaps they realized that finding a use for a 70 pound pumpkin is a little more difficult than they previously thought. Whatever the reason, the great pumpkin was finally returned, and enjoyed by all!

The gardeners and students were free to garden happily ever after, and they were excited to start a whole new season of herbs, fruits, and veggies. The End.


We hope you enjoyed our tale, and if you love growing food for people as much as we do, we hope you will join us as a garden volunteer. If you like being outside, getting your hands dirty, and growing food that the whole community can enjoy, please feel free to reach out to the Clark Kerr gardening team on Facebook, or come to our next volunteer event on November 8 from 11-1. We also have open work hours from 10-12 every Friday! The garden is located in the courtyard right behind the dining hall, and you are all welcome to visit at any time!

Happy Autumn,

The Clark Kerr Gardeners

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