The Edge of Spring

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The red woods stretch to touch the sky. Long, elegant shadows fall on the land beneath their feet while the silence embraces the air among the trees.


No need to follow any definite path. You step on little pools of sunlight. Warm breezes softly touch your face.


Closer to ground, tiny bursts of colors struggle to kiss the sunlight.


You forget about time. You forget about distance. This is a maze to explore for a thousand times. A conversation without words or an end.


The shadows of the many figures who once sat on this bench, closed their eyes, and tried to feel the weight of sunlight.


The creek that runs through the land, through the woods, and right into your heart.


High on the tree, she put on her white dress and smiles towards herself.


Showing off their purple crowns, the beauties dance and giggle.


Waiting to be discovered. Waiting to be complimented. Waiting for the gentleness of a stranger.


The ripening blueberries hide among the leaves and tremble with joy in the winds. These tiny bombs cannot wait to explode and release their sweetness.


A tree proudly bears the burden of countless juicy lemons on its branches.


Blue clouds made of fallen stars, sending secret romantic signals to the bees.


To watch the clouds go by. To breathe the cool spring air. To get prepared for the hug of a bee.


Laughing sisters.


The purple sparks lighting up the dreams.

IMG_3891Lots of love towards my dear friend, who climbed with me all the way to botanical garden and patiently waited for me to take the pictures.

Thank you for sharing with me your way of viewing the world. And thank you for understanding mine.

Yujing Wu

Yujing Wu is a second year Environmental Science major in CNR. She loves wildlife photography, reading and hiking.

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