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Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

In a world choked by plastics and pollution, doing your part to help the planet can seem overwhelming. What will refusing one straw really do? How important can individual consumption patterns really be? Although...


10 Reusable Items for a Zero Waste Life

Along with the other UCs, Berkeley plans to be Zero Waste by 2020. Simply put, in just two years, Berkeley plans to divert 75% of all campus waste from landfills. Currently, however, the campus is diverting...


Compostable plastics: are they PLAying you?

#7 PLA- what is it? And more importantly, where does it end up? #7 PLA, or “compostable plastics” can be made from a variety of biodegradable materials including starch, cellulose, soy protein, lactic acid, or,...