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Unraveling the Personal and Political: Dr. Kenneth Worthy on climate change, denial, and collapse

“Over the past few years, the “personal vs. political” conversation has ricocheted throughout environmental communities and remains a point of discussion among scholars and activists alike… in a recent article, I dipped my toes into this debate. This time, I took a plunge.”


Jay Inslee for… the Planet?

The 68-year-old governor of Washington is not someone you expect to be the champion of climate advocates. An ex-high school footballer who has been a career politician for decades, Inslee is a far cry from anti-establishment candidates the environmental movement usually support. Yet his “radically simple” campaign is gaining attention from hopeful environmentalists looking for big policy changes on a federal level.


Small Frogs, Big Potential

As climate change progresses in an era dominated by human disturbances, natural ecosystems and the organisms that inhabit them continue to suffer the consequences: temperature fluctuations, changes in soil chemistry, declining water and air...