Meet the Staff

Meet the 2018-2019 Staff: 


Angelica Santos, Development Associate (she/her/hers):   Angelica is a rising fourth year studying Environmental Science and Southeast Asian Studies. Born and raised in San Diego, her favorite places are the beach and the mountains. She is passionate about environmental justice and has been involved in research projects that work directly with under-resourced communities to develop collaborative solutions that improve local air quality. At Cal, Angelica is involved in the Pilipinx community and studies adaptive radiation in spiders at Berkeley Evolab. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, writing in her bullet journal, eating a photogenic brunch, and attending concerts. 

Responsibilities: Environmentorship

Ashley Cowell, Solar Spring Break Team Leader (she/her/hers): Ashley is a second year student majoring in Environmental Science. She is passionate about the environment and still exploring ways to make her impact. She loves how easy it is to get involved in sustainability at Berkeley. She has worked in waste management as well as energy and water efficiency. She looks forward to exploring air quality and water treatment. She participated in Solar Spring Break during her first year and is super excited to be leading the program this year. In her free time, she studies martial arts and loves spending time in nature, especially hiking or stand-up paddleboarding. 

ResponsibilitiesEnviromentorshipSERC Alumni Network; Fundraising & Grant Development; SERC Gala

Celine Yang, ASUC Student Union Green Team Associate (sher/her/hers): Celine is a second year student in the College of Natural Resources and is still narrowing down a major! In the past, she started a club that implemented a tri-bin waste system of compost, recycling, and landfill at her high school, which was recognized by her school district. That experience, along with her environmental education work at a local waste facility, led to her interest in both the technical and societal aspects of sustainability. Celine is excited to promote zero waste and help make change on the UC Berkeley campus. In her free time, she loves dancing on one of Cal’s dance teams, planning new activities and sports to try with friends, and eating delicious food with loved ones.

Colette Cosyn-Kang, Internal Operations Manager (she/her/hers): Colette is a fourth year studying Society & Environment and Political Economy. Previously SERC’s Events Associate, Colette is excited to continue supporting SERC’s community and wellness through her new role as Internal Operations Manager. In her free time she enjoys working out, reading, attending concerts, soaking up the sun, and having long conversations with friends :~)  


Dante Gonzales (CNI Engagement Fellow):  Born and raised in Los Angeles County, Dante has found a home here in Berkeley. Entering his fourth year here in the College of Natural Resources, Dante is currently pursuing a double major in Society and Environment and Conservation and Resource Studies. First introduced to SERC through Solar Spring Break 2018, Dante has found his place as the new Carbon Neutrality Initiative Engagement Fellow. Passionate about environmental justice and promoting zero waste/carbon neutrality, Dante is excited to make change within both the UC Berkeley campus and its affiliated communities. In his free time, Dante enjoys hiking/backpacking, tennis, and listening to music. 

Responsibilities: CNI Engagement and outreach

Elizabeth Rozmarynowska, Leaflet Manager/Editor-in-Chief  (she/her/hers): Elizabeth is a 4th year student double-majoring in Society and Environment and Classical Civilizations. Because she felt completely out of her element when she first transferred from UC Santa Cruz, Elizabeth feels incredibly lucky to have found a new home within SERC. She loves learning about sustainable development and hopes to work on renewable energy solutions in the future. On campus she is involved with Epsilon Eta and serves as an undergraduate researcher at The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology. As a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar and the future star of her own television show, it’s not hard to see why she’s a self-proclaimed narcissist. Her free time is spent slowly getting her recreational pilot’s license, playing her mellophone with Cal Band and playing her harp with no one, making a list of reasons why she would win on Love Island, and reading Harry Potter under the covers.

Responsibilities: TGIF

Elizabeth Reyes, TGIF Program Associate (she/her/hers): Elizabeth Reyes is a second year studying Environmental Economics and Policy with a possible minor in Conservation and Resource Studies. She is super excited to be joining the TGIF team this upcoming semester as well as working with the entire SERC community! During Elizabeth’s time at Cal, she has discovered her passion for providing environmental literacy to underprivileged schools and helping implement environment based K-12 curriculum! Outside of Cal, Elizabeth enjoys binging Game of Thrones, attempting to stay fit (emphasis on “attempting”), and sustaining her latte obsession – the honey oat latte from 1951 is currently ranked #1!

Responsibilities: TGIF

Gabrielle Amabyec, Environmental Justice Associate (she/her/hers): Gabrielle Ambayec is a second-year Molecular Environmental Biology major and Global Poverty and Practice minor. Raised in the Inland Empire, she is driven to work in environmental justice by a desire to make sustainable infrastructure accessible to communities personally affected by environmental degradation and inequity. In addition to working at SERC, she is an active member of the Pilipinx community at Cal. In her free time, she enjoys exploring, listening to music/podcasts, and researching ways that she can improve her own habits in order to help make the world a greener place.

Jenny Chiu (Zero Waste Research Center Lead Associate): Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jenny is a fourth-year Environmental Sciences student with a minor in toxicology. She is interested in the intersections between the environment, industry, and society. Currently, she manages and supports the Zero Waste Research Center (and acts as a liaison to other zero waste groups), but welcomes any conversation around sustainability, environmental health, corporate responsibility, and circular economies. In her free time, she enjoys playing board games, baking at odd hours, and eating ice cream (coffee > lavender > matcha).
 Zero Waste Research Center; Zero Waste Membership Team

Jessie McGinley, The Green Initiative Fund Program Associate (she/her/hers): Jessie is a second year studying Applied Mathematics and Society & Environment with a concentration in Justice and Sustainability. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so she is excited to explore California. Jessie is in Alpha Chi Omega and the Environmental Fraternity, Epsilon Eta. She is also very passionate about being a camp counselor in the summer at YMCA Camp Kon-O-Kwee. Jessie loves to hike, go to concerts, camp, play chess, watch That 70’s Show, listen to Richie Havens and the Flatbush Zombies, and celebrate Halloween year-round. 

Lauren Irie3D Printing Researcher (sher/her): Lauren is a third year student at UC Berkeley studying Chemistry. She is interested in renewable energy and sustainable materials and processing, specifically regarding polymeric materials. She is also passionate about advocating for women in STEM, and educating the public about zero waste culture. Born and raised in Torrance, CA, in her free time you can find her reading, playing basketball, thrifting, or making cool stuff at Jacobs hall. Responsibilities: 3D-Printing Reclamation Project

Maya RomaVermicomposting Co-Supervisor, (she/her): Maya is a second year student majoring in Math and hoping to minor in Spanish, Forestry, Earth and Planetary Science, or whatever else she can find. She loves environmental activism, especially grass roots and hands on, making vermicomposting a perfect project to work on. Maya is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spends her time playing on the Cal Women’s Ultimate team, at the gym, reading, and doing anything at all with friends.

Responsibilities: Vermicomposting project

Melissa Jaffe (Academic and Professional Development Associate): Melissa is a third-year majoring in Environmental Science and Ecosystem Management and Forestry and minoring in GIST. She spent her past summer at UC Berkeley’s Forestry Camp and is passionate about natural resource management. In her spare time Melissa loves to go mountain biking, hiking, and  read.

Responsibilities: Career Series; Green Jobs & Opportunities resources; DeCal Fellowships


Michelle Hernandez, E-Waste Operations Associate (she/her/hers): Michelle is a third year majoring in Sustainable Environmental Design and double-minoring in Conservation & Resource Studies and Theater with a Technical Focus. She is passionate about the intersections between design, sustainability, and society. Growing up in Berkeley and Oakland has shown her the importance of social change and environmentalism and hopes to continue exploring these topics and their relation to urban design in college and beyond! In her free time, she enjoys working on the behind-the-scenes aspects of theater, baking, and hiking.

Responsibilities: Ethical E-waste project

Paloma Ledesma, Community Organizer (she/her/hers):Paloma Ledesma is a fourth year student in the College of Letters and Science majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Conservation and Resource Studies. She started in SERC as part of CO2RE within Carbon Crew and has advocated for equitable water systems at a local non-profit in her hometown in the Imperial Valley. Now as SERC’s community organizer, Paloma works on climate action with diverse groups located in the East Bay. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, museums, and the botanical gardens in Berkeley.

Responsibilities: Mobilize Berkeley; Community Involvement Team

Rebecca Harcourt (Plastics Recycling Associate): Rebecca is a third year student studying environmental economics and policy and data science. She is passionate about renewable energy technologies and natural resource management. At Cal, she writes articles for the Division of Data Science, where she gets to learn about the various ways data science is being used to solve social issues. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, and traveling to new places with her friends.

Responsibilities: Plastics recycling and research

Sabina Mahavni ASUC Student Union Green Team Associate (she/her/hers): Sabina is going into her second year, planning on majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. She participated in Solar Spring Break 2019 and is excited to continue working with SERC on the Green Team. Sabina has always been passionate about environmental sustainability and enjoys promoting waste reduction habits like saying no to needless plastic straws and bringing her own containers and utensils everywhere. In her spare time, Sabina loves hiking, traveling the world, baking tasty vegan desserts, and having picnics on Memorial Glade with her friends.

Responsibilities: ASUC Student Union Green Team programs

Samy Long, Social Marketing Associate (she/her/hers): Samantha Long is a third year Society and Environment major in the College of Natural Resources and minoring in French. She is originally from Vacaville, California and has spent a lot of time in and around the Bay Area. Samantha is deeply interested in the sociological impacts and disparities that different communities endure in the face of climate change. She is also interested in food justice and helping make sustainability accessible for everyone. Samantha was drawn to SERC because she saw the reach that the organization has on campus and feels she can make a big difference here. In her free time, Samantha works for the UC Berkeley radio station and enjoys going to concerts with her friends and riding her bike.

Responsibilities: SERC Social Media; Newsletter

Sarah Xu (Community Engagement Associate): Sarah Xu (she/her/hers) is from the small one square mile town of Albany, California. She is a junior pursuing Environmental Economics and Policy with minors in Global Poverty and Practice. In her free time, Sarah loves to explore the Bay Area by public transportation and drink copious amounts of coffee.

 Responsibilities: Community Engagement, Student Org support

Serena Patel (Student Leadership for Climate Resilience Coordinator): Serena (she/her/hers) is a senior Energy Engineering major with a minor in Energy and Resources. She was introduced to SERC through Solar Spring Break 2017, was co-lead for the following year in Salinas, then was part of SERC’s Zero Waste Research Center before her current role. Her interests include renewable energy technology, energy access, environmental justice, and circular economies. She loves being outside, cooking vegetarian food, the rain, and her resilient plants. 

Responsibilities: SLICR Programming

Sharon Daraphonhdeth (SERC Director): Sharon was born and raised in San Diego county, where she began her educational endeavors at her local community college. She is a proud first generation college graduate and daughter of Lao refugees. Her passions lies among working with students, by assisting them to develop, implement and lead innovative sustainability projects and initiatives. Sharon served as the TGIF & Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator from 2014-2017, and has been serving as the SERC Director since March 2017. Prior to UC Berkeley, Sharon worked as the Sustainability Strategist for the Associated Students Inc. at San Francisco State University. At her leisure, she enjoys live music, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones (especially her cat, Lucille). She also serves as a board member for Food Empowerment Project, a vegan food justice organization. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from San Francisco State University, is a certified Zero Waste Community Associate, and holds a certificate in Fundraising and Volunteer Management from UC Berkeley Extension. Contact:

Shirley Sun, Graphic Designer (she/her/hers):  Shirley is a Senior studying Molecular Cell Biology – Biochemistry. She is interested in nature preservation and environmental sustainability, and she is especially passionate about promoting sustainable living. She was born and raised in San Jose, and she loves the diverse culture that it has. In her free time, she enjoys art, rock climbing, reading, attending concerts, and exploring new restaurants.


Tamlyn Schafer, Vermicomposting Co-Supervisor (she/her/hers):  Tamlyn is a second year student pursuing a dual degree in Environmental Sciences and Music. She has always been very passionate about sustainability and is very excited to be a part of the vermicomposting team and to work with worms! She hopes that through her work on the Zero Waste Team she can increase awareness of environmental issues in her peers. In her spare time she loves to read, travel, attend concerts, and perform with The California Golden Overtones, an a cappella group on campus.

Tess Gauthier, Earth Week Organizer (she/they): Tess is a second year Conservation and Resource Studies major with an area of focus in environmental justice and systemic sustainability. She is grateful to have found a home within the sustainability community at Cal and is eager to help welcome more folks into the climate justice movement through the celebration of Earth Week. Outside of SERC, Tess serves as Director of the ASUC Climate Action Department, is a member of the Protectors of Mauna Kea at UC Berkeley, and helps lead the Zero Waste: Solutions for a Sustainable Future DeCal and the UC Green New Deal campaign. Tess enjoys spending time with loved ones and being outside hiking, looking at the clouds, or learning about plants – and she especially appreciates when she can do those two things together!

Teresa Yu, TGIF & Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator (she/her/hers): Teresa is excited to be working as the The Green Initiative Fund Coordinator. Teresa was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  She recently graduated UC Berkeley with a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy and a minor in Public Policy. As a student at Cal, she worked as a TGIF Program Associate for two years and is eager to continue her work supporting TGIF projects. Teresa is passionate about supporting students in actualizing their environmental projects and initiatives, especially in this political climate. In her free time, Teresa enjoys rock climbing, drinking boba, and cooking (mostly vegetables!).


SERC Staff Alumni & Founders:

2019 Fall Team: Courtney McGuire; Sara Amiri;

2018-2019 SERC Team:  Alejandra Marquez, Andrea Luna,Andrew Chow, April You, Claire Parkinson, Colette Cosyn, Courtney McGuire, Dante Gonzales, Elizabeth Reyes, Jed Lee, Jenny Chiu, Jenny Rempert, Jessica Mcginley, Jun Bin, Lauren Irie, Madeline Tucker, Maggie Li, Melissa Jaffe, Michelle Hernandez, Nils Jepson, Rebecca Harcourt, Sara Amiri, Scott Silva, Serena Patel, Shirley Sun, Teresa Yu, Valerie Yong, Victoria Bartoszewicz, Yu-Shien Ni, Zahira Chaudhry

2017-2018 SERC Team:  Amanina Shofry, Andrea Luna, Anna Michel, Anna Whitney, Anna Yip, Annakaren Ramirez, April You, Aubrey Hills, Claire Parkinson, Colette Cosyn, Courtney McGuire, Echo Sun, Jed Lee, Jenny Chiu, Jivna Punjavi, Kathleen McCully, Kristy Drutman, Isaias Hernandez, Nicole Panditi, Nonnie Coelho, Madeline Greene, Madeline Tucker, Maggie Li, Scott Silva, Sebastian Jintra-Cotilla, Serena Patel, Steven Chan, Tony Hall, Valerie Yong, Yu-Shien Ni

2016-2017 SERC Team: Eva Malis, Tara Singh, Pallavi Sherikar, Allie Lalor, Sharon Chen, Mary Thomasmeyer, Anna Michel, Amanina Shofry, Madeline Green, Madeline Tucker, Jared O’Shaughnessy, Anna Yip, Scott Silva, Nicole Panditi, Remya Shankar, Anna Whitney

2015-2016 SERC Team: Jeff Noven, Tara Singh, Gary Richmond, Lauren Murphy, Jimmy Dunn, Catriona Smyth, Claire Kaufman, Brooke Maushund, Eva Malis, Pallavi Sherikar, Andrew Huang, Brian Gialketsis, Scott Silva, Anna Yip

2014-2015 SERC Team: Roberta Giordano, Jeff Noven, Angie Shen, Hanna Morris, Morgan Stelly, Ryan Avery, Anna Yip, Gary Richmond, Jimmy Dunn, Lauren Murphy, Manon von Kaenel, Sam Klein, Claire Kaufman, Shannon Davis, Caitriona Smyth, Nick Burkett

2013-2014 SERC Team: Roberta Giordano, Louis Spanias, Magnolia Barrett, Hanna Morris, Phoebe Song, Angela Meese Shen, Angie Shen, Sam Klein, Qusai Bhaijeewala, Kristen Chen, Regina Clincy, Stella Kim, and Manon von Kaenel

2012-2013 SERC Team: Nolan Pack, Mauricio Castillo, Noah Puni, Katie Hoffman, Roberta Giordano, Omead Kohanteb, Justine Rembac, Zen Trenholm

SERC Director (2013-2017): Katherine H. Walsh

SERC Founders (2012): Nolan Pack, Mauricio Castillo, Noah Puni