Renewable Energy/Solar Spring Break

Solar Spring Break

Thank you for your interest in Solar Spring Break! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, GRID Alternatives will not be holding the Solar Spring Break program this year so SERC is unable to form a team for Spring 2021. 

However, we will continue to uphold the values of the previous Solar Spring Break program in various ways this year.

Renewable Energy and Environmental Justice DeCal: SERC will be hosting a brand new DeCal in spring 2021 on the connection between clean energy and a just society. Check out the syllabus here, and stay tuned for the day/time and course number!

Several events focused on renewable energy will be hosted throughout the semester.

SERC has partnered with GRID Alternatives to provide an annual UC Berkeley Solar Spring Break Team since spring  2014. GRID Alternatives’ Solar Spring Break provides college students the opportunity to spend their spring break installing solar panels on qualifying homes in underrepresented communities. Solar Spring Break’s direct impacts include financial savings for a low-income family, reduced carbon emission, and hands-on, technical educational enrichment for UC Berkeley students.

Watch this video from the 2018 trip to learn more!