SERC Fall 2013 Environmental Town Hall Recap


Last Wednesday night (November 6th), the Student Environmental Resource Center at UC Berkeley (SERC) hosted its first Environmental Town Hall of the semester. About 25 students attended the Town Hall that was held in 209 Dwinelle Hall from 6-8PM.

Students from a variety of organizations (ASUC, We Dig the Farm, SOGA, BSFC, STeam, RSP, TGIF, BUGI DeCal) participated in this first of a series of interactive Town Halls that will be hosted by SERC each semester.


ASUC Executive Vice President and one of the original founders of SERC, Nolan Pack, opened the Town Hall with a brief history of SERC and his hopes for the future of the Center.

Current SERC Chief of Staff, Roberta Giordano, followed Nolan Pack’s opening by introducing the current work SERC is undertaking and the Center’s accomplishments so far.

SERC Education Director, Maggie Barrett, and SERC Internal Director, Louis Spanias, followed these initial remarks by opening up the main discussion of the evening: how can a Student Environmental Resource Center bring the environmental student community at Cal together and provide current and future student environmental campaigns the resources, assistance, and consulting necessary to make each project an even greater and more far-reaching success?


The purpose of this first Town Hall was to gauge the interests and needs of student environmental clubs and campaigns. The main questions asked and discussed on Wednesday night were: What programs do you want offered from a Student Environmental Resource Center? What resources do you want offered? What should a Student Environmental Resource Center’s space/center look like? What would you want access to? What problems do you face with your student environmental clubs, organizations and campaigns–how could a Student Environmental Resource Center assist with these challenges?

The students broke out into small, separate groups to brainstorm thoughts. Ideas generated by the students included: assistance with advertising, dispersal of grant money, the streamlining of internal communication between clubs, production of newsletters and video spotlights, the organization of inclusive environmental community socials, the organization of a library of online and physical resources, and more (a full list of ideas will be complied by the SERC staff and sent to attendees in a follow-up correspondence).


The Town Hall concluded with a sense of excitement for the collaborative and inclusive development of Cal’s very own Student Environmental Resource Center. SERC Directors will be in communication with attendees regarding next steps and the organization of a follow-up Town Hall meeting later in the semester.

Check out the full photo album from the Town Hall on SERC’s Facebook page!

*Photos courtesy of Phoebe Song

Hanna Morris

Hanna Morris is the Communications Associate for the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) and Student Facilitator for the Communicating Sustainability DeCal.

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