SERC Advocacy & Action

SERC is launching a new initiative in 2017 called
SERC Advocacy & Action. 


SERC Advocacy & Action will connect UC Berkeley students to local, state, national, and global opportunities for advocating and activating on behalf of environmental and social justice issues.

Examples will include:

  • Organizing a party for contacting and lobbying elected officials
  • Participating in marches, rallies, and protests
  • Attending local events and meetings to give public comments
  • Writing op-eds and news pieces
  • Hosting fundraisers
  • Collecting supplies and donations for solidarity campaigns
  • Applying for positions of leadership or influence
  • Joining campus campaign teams to enhance UC Berkeley sustainability

Opportunities will be posted as a running list on this page. If you are interested in leading a UC Berkeley delegation in one of the opportunities or have suggestions for this program, please contact with the header: “Advocacy & Action.”


This page is currently under construction!