ReUse: Your Campus Thrift Store!

In the deep, dark depths of the MLK Student Union, nestled right between the Superb offices and the OCF is ReUSE, UC Berkeley’s on-campus thrift store. Most people stumble upon ReUSE as they are in the middle of rushing to print some last-minute papers, or while they are lost looking for the on campus food pantry. However, if you take the time, you will soon find out that ReUSE is full of surprises, and worth much more than a passing glance. 

At this point, you might find yourself asking, “why do we have an on campus thrift store?” It’s a good question.

ReUSE’s purpose is to create space specifically intended for the campus community to take part in a system of exchanging, donating, and buying goods instead of sending worn-out items immediately to landfills. ReUSE is making “zero waste” practices affordable and accessible to students.

Here are some other things you should know about ReUSE:

  1. Everything at ReUse costs $3 or less. You heard right, $3 or less. The range of clothes that ReUSE sells is immense! In the past, visitors have snagged Banana Republic dresses and Levi jeans for $3 a piece. There are even items that ReUSE has in its stores that are FREE. School supplies, like unused Blue Books, are free and can sometimes be found next to free binders and folders. ReUSE also has a second location on the first floor of Barrows hall for students to drop off and pick up free school supplies too!
  2. Everything that is sold has been donated. ReUSE collects donations throughout the school year on Sproul, in the residence halls, and in store!
  3. When you donate items in-store, you get in-store credit to spend on the wide array of items that are always stocked!
  4. ReUSE is always looking for more volunteers. If you’d like to hang out in the ReUSE store, shop a little, and get in-store credit all in one, reach out to

The next time you have some time to kill, or really just can’t find a seat in the MLK Student Union, stop by ReUSE and see UC Berkeley’s on campus thrift shop for yourself!

Sarah Xu

Sarah Xu is a third year Environmental Economics and Policy major and Global Poverty and Practice minor. She is passionate about global environmental governance. At UC Berkeley, Sarah has been involved with programs on campus like ReUSE our on-campus thrift store, the Global Environment Theme House, and Berkeley Model United Nations. In her free time, Sarah enjoys over-caffeinating and getting lost on public transportation. Sarah Xu covers international environmental governance and policy.

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