Our Values


Conscious Impact | Equity and Inclusion | Community Engagement | Student Sovereignty | Bold Imagination


Conscious Impact

SERC exercises mindful decision-making in its efforts to achieve environmentally and socially just outcomes


Equity and Inclusion

In order to maintain authentic relationships and avoid tokenization, SERC provides environmental and social justice programming and resources to create a space that values the perspectives and narratives of marginalized and underrepresented students


Community Engagement

In order to foster a sense of belonging and develop individuals into change-makers, SERC builds and strengthens relationships and interpersonal ties through deliberate, sustained outreach and open communication to the environmental community


Student Sovereignty

SERC honors student agency by providing support for students to create their own, self-governed sustainability programming


Bold Imagination

SERC provides necessary resources for creative problem-solving to encourage students to question the status quo, interrogate the current realm of possibilities and barriers, and apply their ideas through sustainability projects and initiatives