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**In Covid-19, some of these jobs postings may have been cancelled, delayed or modified. We are doing our best to stay up to date with accurate job postings; however, you should confirm directly with the employer or employers website about potential changes.**

Updated 03/23/2020: 

UCB Green Labs Program: Auditing Intern

The Green Labs Auditing interns will conduct follow up with labs that have compelted the Green Lab Checklist. The intern will independently meet with lab professionals to review the ansers the lab provided in the Green Labs checklist and to ensure that the information provided was accurate. The intern may also augment the advice and suggestions that the Green Lab program sends out to labs that have completed the checklist. 

As a member of Energize Colleges cohort, the student will also be expected to attend monthly trainings on the UC Berkeley’s campus over the course of their internship. More information on these trainings will be available closer to the start date, but past topics are available. 

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Closing Date: March 29th

Basic Needs: Student Coordinators

Basic Needs is hiring Student Coordinators for the 2020-2021 academic year! Our student coordinators play an essential role to foster a basic needs secure campus and build a values-centered community. Positions are paid an hourly rate of $15.59/hr, no professional experience required! 

Closing Date: March 31st

Updated 03/09/2020: 

Cal Transportation Office: Vehicle Fleet Research Intern

This is a paid, part time summer internship. Work at UCB’s Office of Transportation conducting research on how to transition the university’s vehicle fleet from diesel to a sustainable fuel source.

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Closing Date: March 29th

Updated 02/24/2020: 

ESPM: Undergrad Research Assistant

Seeking a 1-3rd year undergraduate to help with soil processing and field work for a research study on the impacts of grazing on soil C sequestration in CA rangelands. When in the field, duties will include helping collect soil samples, equipment organization, labeling, etc. Lab duties will include cataloguing samples, grinding, sieving, and weighing soils. 

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