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Updated 01/26/2020:

UC Berkeley Labor Center: Labor Summer Internship

Berkeley. Ca. 

Have you ever organized a meeting? Researched an issue? Volunteered in your community? Taught a class? Do you have the courage to knock on a door and listen to someone’s story? Can you imagine a better future for the working poor? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” or if you want to learn how to do these things, then Labor Summer is for you! 

Become a part of a 20-year legacy of students that have worked alongside our union and community allies, addressing challenges in the workplace and fostering positive change. 

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Closing Date: February 26th

Updated 01/12/2020:


Daane Lab: Student Laboratory Researcher

The Daane Laboratory studies insect ecology and biology to develop arthropod (e.g., insects, spiders, mites) control programs that have a foundation in biological control, integrated pest management, and sustainable agriculture systems. One of our primary projects is understanding and controlling red blotch disease in vineyards. The red blotch virus is a disease with serious economic impact for wine growers across the United States, causing severe damage to grape quality. We aim to suppress the spread of red blotch in vineyards by identifying and controlling its insect vectors. As practitioners of integrated pest management, we work with growers to establish practices that control the populations of possible insect vectors while limiting pesticide usage.

This position will be based in the UC Berkeley laboratory and work will focus on projects in northern California wine vineyards primarily Napa and Sonoma, with additional collections in Lodi-Woodbridge (Stockton), Sierra foothill, and Monterey vineyards. The main work duties involve field and laboratory studies to identify and evaluate candidate insect vectors of the newly discovered grapevine red blotch-associated virus (GRBaV) in California vineyards. Specifically, research duties may include: (1) greenhouse studies evaluating novel insect vectors of grape vine red blotch associated virus; (2) maintenance of insect colonies in the greenhouse; (3) identification of insects on yellow sticky-traps from field sites; (4) collecting
insects and plant material from North Coast field sites; (7) planting and transplanting grape vine, grasses, and legumes for insect colonies; (8) travel to North Coast field sites to release parasitoids and/or collect insect traps; and (9) cleaning/washing vials and other lab materials.
The position requires working around 15-20 hours a week during the semester ($15.59 per hour)

Applicants must be organized, enthusiastic, and self-motivated; an interest in sustainable control of insect pests and/or insect physiology and ecology is welcome but not expected. Must be attentive to detail and able to work independently once trained. We are especially interested in candidates with 1-2 open days a week to complete field work.

Application Details: Please email your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and any relevant experience to Kristen Flores (lab manager). kmflores@berkeley.edu.

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