Making SERC Work: Melissa Jaffe

SERC is made possible by a dedicated team, made up of students, sustainability professionals, and the UC Berkeley environmental community. In the coming few weeks, leading up to Big Give on 3/14/19, we’ll be highlighting and showcasing the people and programs that #MakeSercWerc

Melissa Jaffe (Academic and Professional Development Associate)

1. Introduce yourself! 
My name is Melissa Jaffe, I am the Academic and Professional Development Associate at SERC. I oversee the SERC DeCal and Greener DeCal Fellowship, maintain the Green Jobs Page, and create our Career Series Events and EXPO.

2. What’s your favorite SERC moment?
My favorite SERC moment was getting to meet getting to meet all of my DeCal Fellows, my first semester on staff. One of my favorite parts of my job is working with and supporting a variety of DeCals through pedagogical workshops and helping connect them to environmental resources on and off campus. 

3. How has SERC supported you academically, professionally, and/or personally?
SERC has helped me develop my networking skills and facilitated many professional relationships with a variety of environmental businesses and organizations on and off campus in fields that I am interested in pursuing after college. It has also exposed me to many different environmental resources both on and off campus. 

4If you had $5000 towards the programs you support , how would you spend it? 
 If I had $5000 dollars to go toward my programs at SERC, a portion of my money would go towards fundings more DeCals to join our fellowship. This semester we had over ten DeCals apply to five fellowship positions. Each DeCal in the fellowship is given $200 dollars to use on speaker honorariums and supplies. I would also use the money to fund speakers to come to our Career Series events. Currently, we do not have budget for speaker honorariums which limits who is able to participate in our panels. Having more resources, we could offset the travel costs for our wonderful speakers. 

These programs and events would not be possible without the support of donors and alumni. Please consider donating on March 14th during Big Give, an annual giving campaign at SERC:

With your contributions, we’re able to make SERC work and continue to develop sustainability programs and services for students at UC Berkeley.

Has SERC positively impacted your life? Share your stories and experiences using #MakeSercWerc #CalBigGive

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