Making SERC Work: Andrew Chow

SERC is made possible by a dedicated team, made up of students, sustainability professionals, and the UC Berkeley environmental community. In the coming few weeks, leading up to Big Give on 3/14/19, we’ll be highlighting and showcasing the people and programs that #MakeSercWerc

Andrew Chow (Solar Spring Break Team Lead)

Q: Why did you join SERC and how has it changed your life?

A: “As a student passionate about renewable energy and engineering, I joined SERC through Solar Spring Break, a program where students install solar panels in underserved households. Coming into this space, I initially had very little exposure to topics like environmental justice and sustainability. I was purely interested in the engineering and the technology behind clean energy, and rarely thought about how people’s lives were impacted through these changes. It wasn’t until I became more involved with SERC that I began to learn about these issues and the disproportionate impacts that climate change and other environmental issues (air pollution, landfills, etc.) have in various communities. These issues are the culmination of centuries of abusing our planet and its resources, and are now hurting people who don’t have the income or ability to simply move away from a polluted area or purchase solar panels. As a Co-Leader and SERC staff member for the Solar Spring Break Program this year, I am really excited to contribute to GRID Alternative’s mission of bringing clean energy to those who can benefit from it the most (those that can’t afford it). By working with my fellow Co-Leader and a wonderful team of Berkeley students, we can continue this fight against climate change and environmental injustice one roof at a time!”

These programs and events would not be possible without the support of donors and alumni. Please consider donating on March 14th during Big Give, an annual giving campaign at SERC:

With your contributions, we’re able to make SERC work and continue to develop sustainability programs and services for students at UC Berkeley.

Has SERC positively impacted your life? Share your stories and experiences using #MakeSercWerc #CalBigGive

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