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  /  Rona Lasam (they/she)

Rona Lasam (they/she)

Rona Lasam (they/she) is a Filipino-American and a sophomore at UC Berkeley. They are currently deciding their major as they explore their academic interests regarding economics, psychology, and politics. With Rona’s interest for sustainability and connecting with their queer identity, Rona is now working with the Student Environmental Resource Center as the SERQueer Associate in charge of facilitating a community space for students interested in the environment who identify as LGBTQIIA+. With Rona’s passion to help others, they will continue being a campus leader for One Love—a nonprofit dedicated to educating youth about relationship health, as well as taking on a new role as the Health and Wellness Director for the Queer Alliance & Resource Center at Berkeley. In their free time they enjoy cooking, playing with dogs, and exploring new places. Overall, Rona enjoys meeting new people and is looking forward to the new connections they’ll make through being the SERQueer Associate!