Environmental Organizations at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley has over 40 student run organizations related to environmental and sustainability work! Click here and check them out now!

Green Jobs & Learning Opportunities

Looking for part-time, volunteer, full-time, or other  off-campus sustainability related opportunities? Click here to check out our Green Jobs & Learning Opportunities page here!

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Jade is a third year majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in African American Studies. She is extremely passionate about sustainability and plans to pursue a career grounded in environmental justice after college. She grew up in Los Angeles

Kat is a third-year majoring in Data Science with minors in GIST and Sustainable Design. She is passionate about researching nature-based climate solutions and exploring the intersections of sustainability and technology to discover innovative ways of advancing environmental conservation efforts.

Joshua is a fourth-year student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. Through his love for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, he developed a passion for sustainability. He is interested in blending materials science and sustainability to create eco-friendly solutions

Tiffany is a third year student majoring in Society and Environment and minoring in Data Science. She is interested in exploring how community-driven innovation can solve pressing sustainability challenges. In the future, she would like to pursue a career at

Sharon was born and raised in San Diego county, where she began her educational endeavors at her local community college. She is a proud first generation college graduate and daughter of Lao refugees. She is an aspiring pleasure activist, environmental

Jed Terrence Lee (they/them), is a Taiwanese and Chinese-Filipino American activist and artist. As a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, Jed received a B.S in Society and Environment and two minors in Global Poverty & Practice and City Planning. Jed