Environmental Organizations at UC Berkeley

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Green Jobs & Learning Opportunities

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Jade is a third year majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in African American Studies. She is extremely passionate about sustainability and plans to pursue a career grounded in environmental justice after college. She grew up in Los Angeles

Thao is an incoming Master’s student studying climate science in the Earth and Planetary Science Department. Motivated by her upbringing as an immigrant and daughter of war refugees, she turned to the physical sciences to understand climate phenomena and curtail

Amira is a fourth year studying Society and Environment and minoring in Journalism. She is interested in the nexus of science, community, culture, and multimedia storytelling. Growing up in Southern California, the diverse ecosystems gave way to her passions in

Ash was born and raised in southern California, but has been living in the Bay area for the past two years. She recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Ethnic Studies and a minor in Education. During her

Varsha is a senior majoring in data science and society and environment, exploring the intersections of environmental justice and technology. She has been involved in a number of campus environmental spaces, including student-run, facilities operations, and administrative organizations. She is

"Hi! I'm Louis, a second-year Ecosystem Management and Forestry student on the professionally focused track. I've been a lover of all things outdoors since I was little, when I began spending weekends on hikes and campouts in the woods of

Lauren is a junior majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies, and her studies involve exploring intersectionalities of agriculture, labor, policy, gender, identity, and various forms of oppressions. At the moment, the name of her area of interest is "Linked Oppressions

Kat is a sophomore majoring in Data Science with a minor in GIST. She is passionate about sustainability, zero waste, and environmental justice, and hopes to use data science to aid sustainable decision-making. During her first-year, she was a part

Joshua is a third-year student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. Through his love for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, he developed a passion for sustainability. He is interested in blending materials science and sustainability to create eco-friendly solutions

Steve Chan is a physicist by training, constantly thinking about the climate crisis through engineering, finance, and political lenses. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018 with training in PV R&D as well hands on experience installing solar on low-income