How Berkeley Students are Fighting 3D Printing Waste

SERC student staff Scott Silva and Nikki Panditi have been working hard to bring recycling to the plastic waste created from the 100+ 3D printers on campus. Watch this video that documents their story and their hard work!

“If you’re familiar with 3D printing, you know about the piles of plastic trash (failed prints, tangled spools, vetoed prototypes) that it generates. For a technology of the future, that’s not a very forward-thinking way to operate, right?,” says Panditi, a fourth year student.

“At the 3D Printing Recycling Project, we believe in the educational power of 3D printing, but we also know there is a greener way to do it. We are building the student-led, on-campus infrastructure for 3D printing recycling at UC Berkeley, so that all of that plastic trash is turned right back into filament and can be 3D printed again.”

To learn more, please check out their video in collaboration with Berkeley News!


Inspired? Help these students build a more sustainable campus by contributing to their crowdfunding campaign here!


Eva Malis

Eva is a fourth year Environmental Science student and the Communications Associate for SERC. Her passion lies in conservation biology, climate justice, and environmental communications.

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