Mission: SERC cultivates a collaborative space to strengthen the collective effectiveness of the sustainability community, and provides resources for students to actualize their visions of a more equitable, socially just, and resilient future.


The Student Environmental Resource Center was envisioned in 2012 by UC Berkeley students who, inspired by campus centers such as the Multicultural Community Center (MCC) and the Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq), determined the need for a campus center for the student environmental and sustainability community. SERC student leaders received initial advising and financial support from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) when they won a 2012 TGIF grant. October 2012, SERC opened its first temporary space in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building, thanks to the generosity of the Cal Student Store.

When the Student Union building closed in February 2013 for the Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project, the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) within the College of Natural Resources generously donated Mulford Hall 337 to SERC. SERC subsequently flourished, hosting its first Environmental Town Hall, the 2013 California Student Sustainability Coalition Convergence, a GreenCorps Workshop, and a Green Careers Networking Event with PowerSave Campus.

SERC soon won a 2013 CACSSF Recurring Grant, enabling SERC to transition from registered student organization (RSO) to campus functional area within the LEAD Center, a department of the ASUC Student Union within the Division of Student Affairs. The transition included hiring the first career staff SERC Director in December 2013, as well as adding The Green Initiative Fund to the SERC portfolio, in recognition of TGIF and SERC’s shared history as student-initiated sustainability-focused programs,  and TGIF’s reputation as a national model for campus green funds.

With the addition of TGIF to the SERC portfolio, TGIF grew its own portfolio to include the Zero Waste Research Center and the Nature Village Sustainable Family Living Program at University Village. TGIF hired a new Coordinator in August 2014, and SERC expanded its student staff in order to manage SERC’s growing programs, initiatives, and events, including the Career and Film Series, SERC DeCals, Earth Week, and ECO. SERC is now focused on fundraising for a physical space/center, which is critical to SERC’s objectives of cultivating discourse, creating collaborative working space, offering programs, and growing campus community, particularly student community and a sense of belonging.

In 2016, SERC achieved two major accomplishments: SERC successfully renewed The Green Initiative Fund at an increased fee until 2027, and SERC was awarded 1,350 sq. feet to open its first center in the MLK Student Union basement in Fall 2018.

To learn more about SERC and its portfolio, please review this impact sheet.

SERC Founders (2012): Nolan Pack, Mauricio Castillo, Noah Puni

2012-2013 Leadership Team: Nolan Pack, Mauricio Castillo, Noah Puni, Katie Hoffman, Roberta Giordano, Omead Kohanteb, Justine Rembac, Zen Trenholm

2013-2014 Student Leadership Team: Roberta Giordano, Phoebe Song, Maggie Barrett, Hanna Morris, Louis Spanias, Angela Meese Shen
2013-2014 Student Intern Team: Sam Klein, Stella Kim, Kristen Chen, Qusai Bhaijeewala, Regina Clincy, Angie Shen, Manon von Kaenel

2014-2015 Student Staff Team: Roberta Giordano, Hanna Morris, Manon von Kaenel, Jeff Noven, Angie Shen, Sam Klein, Gary Richmond, Shannon Davis, Anna Yip, Nick Burkett, Jimmy Dunn, Caitriona Smyth, Lauren Murphy, Morgan Stelly

2015-2016 Student Staff Team: Jeff Noven, Pallavi Sherikar, Eva Malis, Brooke Maushund, Claire Kaufman, Jimmy Dunn, Lauren Murphy, Brian Gialketsis, Caitriona Smyth, Gary Richmond, Anna Yip, Tara Singh, Andrew Huang, Scott Silva, Michelle Wray, Jonathan Reader

SERC Director (Dec 2013-Feb 2017): Katherine H. Walsh (served as SERC Advisor May 2012-Dec 2013)

Interim SERC Director (March 2017-Present): Sharon Daraphonhdeth

Coordinator of The Green Initiative Fund & Sustainability Initiatives (Aug 2014-Present): Sharon Daraphonhdeth

The Student Environmental Resource Center is within the ASUC Student Union in the Division of Student Affairs at the University of California, Berkeley.