Help Berkeley be the Coolest UC Campus

In 2015 the 10 universities in the University of California system competed in a Cool Campus Challenge in order to help promote the UC system goal of carbon neutrality by 2025. In 2015, the first completion of this challenge, Berkeley placed 7th out of the 10 schools. We are the NUMBER ONE PUBLIC UNIVERSITY, but we got 7th when it comes to carbon neutrality. As hyper-competitive Golden Bears, we need to make sure to do better this year!!! Out of all of the UCs it’s highly likely we have the most environmentally-woke students on campus, so let’s prove it.

So how does it work and why should YOU sign up?

The Cool Campus Challenge is a 4-week long competition between the 10 UCs to reduce our collective carbon footprint and build a culture of sustainability across all the campuses. Individual top scorers can win gift cards, solar chargers, and cool campus gear! You can also form a group for your Registered Student Organization and win up to $300! It’s a win for the environment, a win for you… and hopefully a win for Berkeley.

So what does the Cool Campus Challenge entail? It’s pretty simple. Once you sign up you’ll be guided to different actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. These activities include reducing your computer power usage by adjusting some settings, pledging to turn the lights off when you leave a room, learning more about zero waste, and using public transit. By pledging these activities and uploading a picture you get points for yourself and for Berkeley. So let’s help make Berkeley number one in carbon neutrality and come join us at the launch party this Wednesday, April 3, in the MLK Student Union! See you there!

Contributing Authors: Sophie Babka and Dante Gonzales

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