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Updated 11/03/19: 

UC Riverside: Postdoctoral Scholar in Ecological Modelling

Riverside, Ca.

The University of California, Riverside is seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Scholar with broad expertise in spatial and ecological modeling to examine the roles that species traits and habitat spatial configuration play in plant species’ vulnerability to extinction under global change. In particular, we aim to identify plant species traits and spatial characteristics associated with extinction risk in the face of land-use change, climate change and altered fire regime for a large range of plant functional types emblematic of biodiversity in the California Floristic Province.

This National Science Foundation funded project involves linking Land-Use Land-Cover Change (LULCC) scenarios with dynamic bioclimatic habitat models, fire projections, and models of plant population dynamics to 1) understand the impacts of climate change on species distributions in California, 2) understand how changes in fire regimes and land use change will impact plant populations in fire-prone California, and 3) identify species traits and spatial characteristics correlated with vulnerability of plant populations to these threats.

Qualifications: A PhD in any relevant field is required, as well as strong programming and statistical skills. Experience with issues related to Californian plant species and climate change is highly desirable, and understanding of land use change and wildfire issues is also beneficial. The candidate must be able to work in a collaborative setting.

Application Details: Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to Dr. Helen Regan, University of California, Riverside, at helen.regan@ucr.edu.

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Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research: PhD Position Department of Hydrogeology

Leipzig, Germany

Basin scale water quality dynamics driven by natural and anthropogenic forcings in contrasting global settings

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) with its 1,100 employees has gained an excellent reputation as an international competence centre for environmental sciences. We are part of the largest scientific organisation in Germany, the Helmholtz association. Our mission: Our research seeks to find a balance between social development and the long-term protection of our natural resources.

The UFZ, TU Dresden, Purdue University and University of Florida with German Environmental Agency (UBA), the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and the European Environment Agency (EEA) as cooperating partners started the Helmholtz International Research School „Trajectories towards Water Security (TRACER)” to develop a new comprehensive understanding of spatiotemporal trajectories of human impacts on natural water systems and feedbacks between human and ecological systems. We believe that this understanding must be globally transferable at multiple scales and across wide ranges of geographic, hydro-climatic, and socio-economic settings.

With TRACER, we will develop methods to (1) hindcast multi‐decadal hydro‐ecological trajectories of human impacts on water and vice versa, (2) disentangle human pressures and natural variability, (3) reliably forecast future pathways under climate- and land-use- change scenarios to achieve water security, and (4) analyze impacts of policies and regulations to enhance water security, modify social behavior and support ecological recovery.

Project start: 1st February 2020, working time 65% (25,35 hours per week); limited for three years

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