Photo by Shutterfly

By Kira Barsten and Sophie Babka

We’ll keep it short and sweet. Before you take your grad photos or head to Coachella Weekend 2, consider this PSA: glitter = litter. Every photo you take like the one above means thousands of bits of tiny microplastics are in the environment forever. These microplastics often enter our oceans through runoff, and are then susceptible to being eaten by marine animals, i.e. the fish you’re eating for dinner may be full of teeny tiny bits of broken down glitter. If an organism eats enough microplastics, they can actually clog the animal’s digestive tract and cause them to die of starvation. Furthermore, these glitter microplastics can also leach chemicals into the water. All around, not good!

So, as you prepare for grad pics or your next festival, please consider some of these alternatives. Being environmentally-conscious is cute, we promise!

Biodegradable glitter: this item is kind of pricey but if is glitter is an essential part of your look, then it’s the best alternative. Here’s some other brands to consider!

Another option is paper confetti, cut from old essays if you’re feeling REALLY eco-friendly, but cut from metallic paper if you crave that sparkle. Etsy is filled with other plant-based glitter options too.

We want you to look awesome and feel your best, but also want you to tread lightly on this one and only planet we get to call home. Also, for the fish-eaters out there, you really don’t want to be eating glitter. Trust us.

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