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SERC and TGIF Eco Fund

Hello! Thank you for your interest in TGIF + SERC’s Eco Fund. 

This spring, we are processing requests from 1/20/2022 – 5/1/2022.

We award small stipends to applicants leading projects that incorporate environmentalism, sustainability, and/or environmental justice in their events. These stipends can cover the cost of food, venue, books/materials, and speaker stipends. At this time, due to COVID-19, we are NOT funding travel (such as gas reimbursements or airfare). Additionally, we ask that if you apply for funding for food to please purchase packaged food and only eat the food outside in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. If you do not specify this in your request or there is a discrepancy in our food/travel policies, we will reach out for more information before approving your request.

We also award stipends to students who are environmental majors and/or taking environmental courses AND need support accessing course materials (including but not limited to textbooks, calculators, software, etc.).

Consistent with our values of environmental, racial, and economic justice, please try to avoid purchasing and requesting reimbursement for items purchased from Amazon.

**For full transparency, Callink – the program that we disburse funds through, will process our requests in 1-2 months. This means we will most likely have to reimburse you for any funding request, instead of providing funds upfront. We realize this delay makes this fund much less accessible, and we are working to find ways to remove this barrier! Please email with the subject line “Eco-Fund” if you have any questions about reimbursement at all.**


Please fill out the application with as much detail as you can provide, and give a detailed budget breakdown for your event/request using the spreadsheet template provided. Please note, we have a soft-cap of $300 for requests. If you are applying for funds over this soft-cap, please provide additional details.

Applications will be reviewed weekly (Thursdays at 2:30 PM PST), and we aim to notify applicants of their application status within 1-2 weeks after submission.