FEED (Food, Equity, Entrepreneurship, and Development)

Love food? Interested in food sustainability? Interested in the intersection between business and food justice?

Check out the newest and first-ever food and business-consulting group FEED (Food, Equity, Entrepreneurship & Development). This new consulting group, started by three Haas students, focuses on envisioning a socially responsible food system by consulting with local startups on addressing issues of food justice and equity in the food system.

“Through business, we plan to create a world where everyone has equal access to fresh, whole, nutritious foods; where food is not wasted; where what we eat comes from equitably treated workers and agricultural practices that regenerate the environment, ” said third year Brianna Bottle, one of the founders of FEED.

FEED has already reached out to numerous local partners including: FoodInnov, Spoon University, BEACN, Net Impact, Imperfect Produce, Josephine, the Center for Responsible Business at Haas and the BSFC.

Third year Charlie James became interested in food system issues after visiting and working on his grandmother’s organic farm in Japan. His family always emphasized the importance of organic and healthy food growing up, but it wasn’t until university that he became aware of the stark injustices present in the U.S. food system.

“We want to provide Haas students with an alternative to the culture that pressures them to pursue the ABC’s [Accounting, Banking and Consulting]. We want them to pursue what they love, and if that happens to be food, all the better. From CNR to Engineering and CS, we want to unite the Berkeley and Haas community to contribute to a food system that equally serves people of all creeds and colors,” explained Charlie.

“Haas does a really good job of giving us technical and networking skills, instilling the idea that there are resources available and that we can get anything done if we put our mind to it….[it] gives us the tools, but its up to us how to use them,” commented Silvia Ricchiardi, another FEED founder and Haas student.

Despite FEED being a business consulting organization, any student with passion for making the food system more sustainability and equitable is encouraged to join. Founders Charlie, Brianna and Silvia are all Haas students as well as food system minors in the College of Natural Resources.

“I came to business school to do something positive, knowing I could do something positive with business,” remarked Brianna.

Founders Brianna Bottle, Charlie James and Silvia Ricchiardi

Founders Brianna Bottle, Charlie James and Silvia Ricchiardi

When asked what excites them most about their local partnerships and upcoming consulting projects, the founders’ responded:

“The chance to learn about ourselves.”

As a new student organization, FEED is excited to see where their journey takes them and invites new members to be an integral part in shaping their evolution. They currently have Officer positions (Project Leader, VP of Consulting, and VP of Finance) open for those interested.

Interested in joining FEED? Check out their FIRST info session and social event this Friday at 6PM, where they will be making pasta from scratch!

Contact FEED at feedberkeley@gmail.com.

Or like them on facebook.

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