ECO Releases Statement Post-Election

Below is a statement released by the Environmental Coalition (ECO) at UC Berkeley. ECO is a body consisting of representatives from environmental organizations in the student environmental community at UC Berkeley. 



In the wake of the election of 2016, the future of our country and our planet are ever more uncertain. As more information becomes available about the federal transition of leadership, it is becoming apparent that we cannot expect leadership on climate change or the preservation of our planet to come from Washington. We are at a crossroads where our country must choose between the swift destruction of our planet or a sustainable future.

The issue of climate change is not a partisan issue; the crisis of our generation is one that will determine survival of the both human and nonhuman nature. However with the election of Donald Trump and his fellow appointees, we, as the Environmental Council at University of California, Berkeley will not remain silent or complacent under this new administration. The dangerous, toxic, and hateful rhetoric our president-elect uses in regards to marginalized communities and to the existence and urgency of human induced climate change is one that we highly condemn. Additionally, the continuation of our conservative dominated Congress, who fail to see or acknowledge the urgency of our jeopardized future with climate change, mean that progressive environmental legislation are routinely barred from entering into force. For the few environmental policies Congress discusses, the solutions are still frustratingly inept and we do not foresee any improvement in the next four years. Furthermore, the intersectionality of social justice, environmental issues, and climate change is not recognized. The racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic rhetoric that was used in campaigning for many of these positions does not represent our ideals, as a group of scholars and environmentalists. They will not, and cannot, end our fight for a just and sustainable future. At a time when the need to fight is most urgent, the consequences and implications of these election results should serve to fuel our fight even more.

Without the possibility of this country’s leadership leading the world and ourselves toward a more environmentally just future anytime soon, the work, efforts, progress, and action we make are ever more important. We face one of the greatest crises of our time and as the environmental community of UC Berkeley, we must recognize that our work here is more important than ever. We must continuously and actively build an inclusive, sustainable, and just future for our generation, whether it be on the campus level, local level, or state level. As UC Berkeley students, it is imperative, now more than ever, that we use our voices to continue to fight for the communities that are at the frontlines of environmental degradation, encourage more people to join us, and empower and support each other.

We invite you to join us in this fight.

In Solidarity,

Environmental Council (ECO) at UC Berkeley


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