Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

There’s three days left till Christmas! Have you gotten everyone on your list presents yet? Just in case you haven’t, here’s some gift ideas that will express your love and appreciation for any recipient, while keeping your budget and the environment in mind. 


Providing experiences instead of stuff is a great way to avoid all of that unnecessary packaging and trips to the mall, while providing your loved ones with a gift they’ll really appreciate. Need some ideas? Try movie tickets, cooking classes, a massage, or a subscription to their favorite music or TV channels! Some cheaper options might be a city tour organized by you, a home-cooked meal, or homemade treats!


Re-gifting doesn’t have to be the lazy way out! An object that is new or slightly used is fair game for re-gifting. It’s a great way to make sure your unwanted items end up in good hands instead of a landfill. 

Something They Need

Ask your friend for something that they need–a haircut? A bottle of eye drops? A frying pan? Any form of gift-giving, whether it be saving them a trip to the local pharmacy or narrowing their grocery list, will be greatly appreciated for its guaranteed applicability.


Want to make sure the people on your list are Zero Waste champions? Gifts like a bamboo toothbrush, a reusable water bottle or coffee cupreusable bags, and bamboo straws or utensils are convenient and stylish while helping recipients avoid single-use plastics. 

French Press coffee maker

French Press coffee makers are a great way to improve the taste of your coffee, and to avoid unnecessary waste from coffee filters! 

Soaps and body wash

Seventh Generation is a company whose products deter from dyes and fragrances found in typical soaps. Their Lavender Flower and Mint Soaps are popular, but they have various scents (and even an unscented flavor) just waiting to be explored. Seventh Generation also has refills, so that any gift recipient doesn’t even need to buy additional bottles.

Price: $2.99 each at Walgreens, can also find at other drug stores or online

Alternative Options: Seventh Generation has various products ranging from baby skin care, to household cleaners, to tampons.

Numi Tea

Numi brands themselves as a company that provides organic tea to customers and supports access to clean drinking water by donating to non-profits. Their various teas are delectably spiced to brew perfection in a warm mug. Their teas may seem more expensive than other brands, but their additional costs are explained by their lack of GMOs and attention to natural health. Pair this tea with a mug from your local farmer’s market or art sale. Find some tea options here.

Price: $7.49 for an 18-ct box

Alternative Options: Rishi Tea, Equal Exchange


Food containers are visually appealing, easy to wash, and most of all, handy and durable–they will last you countless lunches, picnics, and food trips. Produced without toxins and plastic BPA, stainless steel containers are safe for both hot and cold meals as long as they are not microwaved. You can find them in different sizes and prices from various brands. Find them here or at your local grocery store.

Price varies, average price:  $15.99


Garden-In-A-Jar Herb Set

This set is from Back To The Roots, a wholesome company founded by two Berkeley alumni! Their mission is to “undo food” and unite families by creating delicious products, and this herb set is no exception. Perfect for the avid chef or amateur botanist, these plants will surely shorten the grocery load while lightening up their window sills.

Price: $27.97, found here.

Alternative options: Other Back To The Roots products, or a DIY herb set. Simply decorate a jar, place some soil in a bag, buy heirloom seeds from the grocery store or local gardening shop, and attach with instructions!


These are just a couple of ideas, and by no means a comprehensible list. Enjoy time with loved ones this season and Happy Holidays!

Susie Warner

Susie is a first-year student, currently divided between a couple majors in CNR. She likes playing music, running/hiking, drinking boba, and exploring the world around her.

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    I will gift my husband a container so that he can carry that with himself when leaving to office with some delicious lunch which i prepare. Thank you for this idea.

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    Thank you very much for sharing

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