Earth Week is Here! And Day 1 Was a Blast

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Earth Week Carnival | PC: Yujing Wu

That’s right, Earth Week 2016 is finally here! Any passersby might be shocked to hear of how many incredible events are happening this week on the UC Berkeley campus. But for the regulars in the campus student environmental community, this is the norm.

Earth Week is an annual collective effort that results from massive collaboration with environmental groups across Berkeley’s campus. It is as much a celebration of yearly environmental campaigns and projects as it is a call to action. This Earth Week, from film screenings to panel discussions to workshops to kombucha parties, the UC Berkeley community will be presented with a plethera of opportunities to engage in environmental dialogue. Check out the extended list of Earth Week events here on the online calendar!

IMG_1856 (1)

Fossil Free Cal tables at the Earth Week Carnival. PC: Yujing Wu


Words of the Watershed hosts arts, crafts, and a PoeTree. PC: Yujing Wu

Following Sunday’s Cal Day Cleanup, student organizations got together to put on the first ever Earth Week Carnival. This event hosted around 20 environmental clubs and organizations, who tabled beneath a cheerful sun on Memorial Glade this afternoon.


PC: Yujing Wu


PC: Yujing Wu








At least 200 students frequented the Earth Week Carnival, playing “Earth Week Bingo” by participating in the activities at each table. Each student group’s table hosted engaging activities like Word’s of the Watershed’s PoeTree, Friends of the River’s Salmon Hop, and many more!


PC: Yujing Wu

Around the same time as the carnival, there was also a Bring Your Own Reuseables Party at the Berkeley Student Food Collective, and open hours for BicyCal. Following those events, the evening activities did not stop at engaging students in pressing environmental issues.


UC Berkeley student Kristy Drutman sits on a panel with two other Cal Alumni and the film director. PC: Jonathan Fong


Film Director Jon Bowermaster leads a Q&A before the panel discussion. PC: Jonathan Fong

The film Dear President Obama was screened for the second time ever on the west coast at UC Berkeley tonight to kick off Earth Week. The film screening was in partnership with the San Francisco Green Film Festival, the Center for Biological Diversity, and Food and Water Watch. The film appeals to the president to side with the “anti-fracking majority” and was followed by a panel and Q&A session with the film director Jon Bowermaster.

At the same time as students and community members were enjoying the film, Cal Dining Sustainability and around 30 volunteers were running a campaign in the dining halls that forced students to confront their food waste. Weigh Your Waste Night collected all the food waste from each dining hall and made students weigh their food waste before it was thrown out. The total weight of the food waste was tallied and reached up into the hundreds. The event also collected all the edible food waste and displayed it in a visual “Waste Buffet” for students to see all the food that could have been eaten on their way out of the dining hall.

image (2)

The Waste Buffet at Cafe 3. PC: Yujing Wu


The Waste Buffet at  Crossroads. PC: Lucy Tate


Volunteers sort food waste at Crossroads. PC: Lucy Tate

Stay tuned to the SERC Blog for daily updates on the Earth Week events to come!

Eva Malis

Eva is a fourth year Environmental Science student and the Communications Associate for SERC. Her passion lies in conservation biology, climate justice, and environmental communications.

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