Earth Week 2017 Is Around the Corner!

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Earth Day (April 22nd) is right around corner and what better way to celebrate our Earth by turning a one day celebration into a week long of festivities. From panels and movie screenings, to donation events and marches, the Earth Week Planning Team has put together quite the event-packed week for you and your friends!

Earth Week (April 17th-24th) is an annual tradition on the Berkeley campus and a collective event hosted by environmental groups across campus, but this year Earth Week has done something unique. It has incorporated a wide variety of campus groups, like engineering and art groups, to symbolize the wide reach of environmental issues.

When Allie Lalor, SERC Events Associate, was asked what makes Earth Week 2017 different from past Earth Weeks, she explained how this year’s Earth Week is focused on the the overarching theme of Environmental Justice. Allie said that, “(Earth Week) is not just about celebrating the Earth, but about actually doing something and actually helping people.”


A snapshot of Earth Week 2016.


So how do the events of Earth Week this year allow students to actually do something that is beneficial to their community and environment?

Allie went on to highlight some of the various events that engage students in real issues. This year there will be a phone banking and letter writing event where students can voice their opinions and concerns about environmental issues. Students will be able to call and write letters to their representatives. This event combines different campus groups who want to do something important in a creative and active approach. This event will be help on Monday, April 17th from 11am-3pm on Lower Sproul Plaza.

Another event that will allow students to engage in important issues is the Meal Points for the Food Pantry Donation Event sponsored by Cal Dining Sustainability Team & Cal Dining. This will hosted at Bear Market & Golden Bear Cafe (GBC) from 12 pm – 4 pm on Wednesday, April 19th. Students will be able to donate their extra meal points to the food pantry from now until the end of the semester!

These are just two of the many events that will be going on during Earth Week and more events can be seen on the Earth Week Calendar. Allie went on to explain why she thought Earth Week is so important, saying that during Earth Week students are able to create their own events, for a campus wide project. She addressed the importance of giving students the ability participate in events that bring people together.


Pick up Earth Week 2017 calendars in the SERC Office at 102 Sproul.


So how can you participate in this year’s Earth Week?

Students can participate by helping set up events and signing up for tours in advance on the SERC website. Earth Week has so many events at so many different times that attending at least one event is very possible. Earth Week is also not exclusive to just the environmental community on campus because it is an event for students, crafted by students. When Allie was asked why she enjoyed planning Earth Week so much, she said, “(Earth Week) is a fun way to engage people and work together towards one goal.”

Like Allie said, participating in Earth Week is an unique opportunity to discuss and engage in environmental issues and topics with fellow students. Attending Earth Week will give you the opportunity to do something for your environment with your Cal community!

For more information about events, dates, and contact information go to the SERC website at:


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