Dear Disheartened Environmentalists

June 2, 2017

Dear Students of UC Berkeley:

During times like this, I know it may be difficult to have hope. I know it may seem like you are under attack when outside forces, like the current presidential administration, exist to threaten your rights, beliefs, and all of your work towards creating a more socially-just and resilient future. And there’s no denying it– the threat is real. There’s also no denying how painful it can be when you are dedicating your lives towards creating a more habitable future, even though that future is left to uncertainty. Yet, you persist.

Students at UC Berkeley, you must have hope. Hope is what will carry us through. Hope is what will carry us forward. Hope is not optimism; nor is it pessimism. It is both. It is acknowledging that there is a problem…and that everything might not be ok. But there is an opportunity to change it. And it must be changed. That is the space of hope.

Just because we are under a presidency that denies climate change does not mean you should give up. It is this very moment in which we rise. It is this very moment in which we resist. Now more than ever, your education matters. Your voice matters. Your actions matter. We need educated and engaged individuals to save this planet.

Strength and courage have brought us this far. And they will move us forward.


In Solidarity,

Sharon Daraphonhdeth,

Director of the Student Environmental Resource Center

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