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How Climate Change is Going to Affect the Agricultural and Fishing Industries of the Philippines

The agricultural and fishing spheres are predicted to be among the most affected sectors because of climate change, especially in poorer countries such as the Philippines. A country still transitioning to industrialization, the Philippines...


Rapping China’s Environmental Plan

“Overall, this rap with all of its clunky lyrics and political meaning has been a great way for China to grab the attention of young people. This rap was even featured in Hasan Minhaj’s weekly political comedy show, the Patriot Act. It also continues to show how while China is pushing for some good environmental change domestically and abroad, the approaches aren’t always successful as they would like it to be.”


Why We Should All Be Watching the 9th Circuit’s Petition of the EPA

“Each year over six million pounds of chlorpyrifos are applied to a myriad of agricultural crops in the US, ranging from walnuts to broccoli to Christmas trees, as well as landscaping like roadway medians and golf courses. But its ubiquitousness in conventional agriculture means that residents of California, especially the Central Valley, face even more exposure than the rest of the nation.”