Cal Students Will Say “No Keystone XL Pipeline” at Rally Tomorrow


The Keystone XL Pipeline is a lot more than a proposed 2,000 mile-long metal tube that would carry gallons and gallons of tar sands from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas. The Pipeline’s nearly three year struggle for approval is a profound symbolic battle uniting and empowering a diverse group of people behind the shared commitment to stepping up and saying loud and clear: “no!”

“No” to corporate interest over the public’s well-being. “No” to exclusive and toxic politics over inclusive and democratic access. “No” to inequitable power relations over a just and fair process.

The ASUC Director of Environmental Sustainability, Haley Broder, and the Sustainability Department from Nolan Pack’s Executive Vice President (EVP) Office, have taken the lead in organizing a campus rally in solidarity with the growing national coalition saying “no” to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The rally will take place tomorrow (November 19th) at 12:30PM on Upper Sproul Plaza.

Broder says, “[tomorrow’s] actions hope to send a message that even though Keystone XL Pipeline would not cross California or impact Cal’s landscape, it still would affect us all and still is something that matters to us. We want to put additional pressure on President Obama from the Berkeley community to make sure he rejects the Pipeline.”


On and off-campus organizations, according to Broder, “have come together to organize the rally including, Calpirg, CalSERVE, Cal Dems, 350 Bay Area, STeam, and a few other environmental student groups are helping plan it.”

In preparation for the November 19th rally, the Sustainability Department from the EVP Office led a coalition meeting on November 3rd at 12PM in Anna Head Alumnae Hall as well as a Participant Training for future direct action on November 10th at 9AM also held in Anna Head Alumnae Hall.

Environmental Advocacy Coordinator in the ASUC Sustainability Department, Wesley Adrianson, says “the Kesytone XL Pipeline is such an important issue. We have no planet B. Let’s show Obama how much Cal Students care about indigenous communities, safe water supplies, and climate change.”

Broder adds, “students can get involved by spreading the word about the November 19th action—we have amazing posters printed and want to share them with the community. Students can also be on Sproul at 12:30PM on Tuesday, November 19th so we can send a loud message to President Obama that Keystone XL is not in the nation’s best interest.”

For more information, visit the “No Keystone XL Pipeline” Facebook group and event page. 

Hanna Morris

Hanna Morris is the Communications Associate for the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) and Student Facilitator for the Communicating Sustainability DeCal.

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