Another Reason Why You Shouldn’t Buy Bottled Water


How would you respond if you walked into a shop that tried to sell you jars of fresh air?

……… a jar of what?? wouldn’t make any sense right?

Well, a pop-up shop in Australia called Dupé did exactly that. This may sound foolish and not make any sense, but this was exactly the purpose of the shop.

Dupé is actually a fake shop with its real purpose- to try and encourage consumers to stop buying plastic bottled water and start using tap water and reusable bottles instead.

So, what exactly is the correlation between buying bottled water and buying bottled fresh air? Well from  Dupé’s perspective, “buying a plastic bottle of water that’s 1,400 time more costly than tap water makes about as much sense as purchasing a jar of fresh organic air”.

The fact that Australians only recycle about 50% of their plastic water bottles also gives them more reason to campaign against buying plastic water bottles.

Watch how consumers react to Australian boutique Dupé:

They even have their own website.. check it out:


Rohana Lazo

Rohana is a 3rd year Cal student majoring in Environmental Science. She is new to blogging and continues to expand her knowledge on variety of issues concerning the Environment.

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