SERC Alumni Network

Join the SERC Alumni Network

SERC warmly invites you to join the SERC Alumni Network and enhance support for UC Berkeley’s student environmental and sustainability community.

Why Join?

Stay Connected
Stay connected to the environmental and sustainability community at UC Berkeley by joining the SERC Alumni Network, and attending related social, educational, and career-focused events. All members will receive an end of semester newsletter.

Make an Impact
Support the leadership development of UC Berkeley students by offering career mentorship/femtorship, internships, and financial support.

Campus Access
Members of the SERC Alumni Network will have access to SERC’s physical campus space, which will serve as the campus hub for connecting individuals and organizations around sustainability leadership.

Network & Career Services
Increase your personal and professional networks by connecting with fellow UC Berkeley alumni. Together, we can develop and implement solutions to today’s climate and societal challenges.

Guide the SERC Vision
SERC Alumni Network members can be nominated to serve on the SERC Advisory Council, a Council dedicated to leading SERC’s fundraising campaign and guiding SERC’s vision.

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*Suggested Membership Donation of $40