Advice From Students For Students In 2017

2017 is a year of change for students, whether it be personally, politically, or an interfusion of both. In a time of uncertainty and unrest, we decided to ask students what messages they would like to share with other students in the form of advice. Here is what they had to say…


“2017 is a lot for everyone for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the rise of oppressive institutions and civil unrest. One thing I’d like to constantly remind others and myself is to remember that none of us are ever alone in our struggles. Yes, not everyone will experience what I exactly undergo as a person, but that’s because I have a unique set of experiences no one can ever replicate. There is power in community and collaboration, so I say to myself and you: seek and open yourself to your community and invest yourself in that space; you’ll find a lot of power and healing there.”

-Naomi Primero, third year, Cognitive Science


“There is so much beauty in learning. And though it may become overwhelming at times, there is more self improvement than you can ever imagine!”

-Shruti Chari, fourth year, Society and Environment, Environmental Economics and Policy


PC Kurt Spreyer


“ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE!”  -John Penilla, fourth year, History


“Don’t trust the government to protect you. It never has protected marginalized groups. It was never meant to and never will. It protects capital. Take the power into your own hands. Educate, agitate, and organize. Think critically about whether the system will allow itself to be reformed, whether so-called reforms have actually been improvements or merely translations, and if it’s even worth reforming at all. Another world is possible.”

-Cheryl Ching, third year, Chemical Engineering


“Stay angry and don’t settle!”  -Lauren Ahn. second year, Society and Environment






Eva Malis

Eva is a fourth year Environmental Science student and the Communications Associate for SERC. Her passion lies in conservation biology, climate justice, and environmental communications.

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