6 Edgy Memes for a Sustainable Campus

In order to draw attention to sustainability practices, two UC Berkeley students created a series of memes for their peers to view. The students, Leticia Bautista and Shradha Menghrajani, participated in the Communicating Sustainability DeCal in the fall semester of 2016, and created the memes as their final project for the class.

The memes range from zero waste to water wasting to climate change. They were printed out and posted around the campus and the dorms in strategic spots. They aim to positively influence students’ behavior and cultural norms towards sustainable practices. Humor can be an effective tool in such endeavors.

Like these waste-sorting troll faces…




Or water-saving amphibians…




Or the dark humor of climate change and carbon emissions…




Whatever the environmental topic, there are boundless opportunities for memes! And the memes introduce the opportunity to shift cultural norms and draw attention to sustainable practices. The memes were posted in campus bathrooms by faucets or in hallways by trash bins to remind students to sort their waste and conserve their water in the moment of the act.

m8 m9


m10 m11


Now we challenge you to share these memes and create some of your own!


Eva Malis

Eva is a fourth year Environmental Science student and the Communications Associate for SERC. Her passion lies in conservation biology, climate justice, and environmental communications.

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