5 Sustainability Blogs You Should Follow

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Sustainability preaches that humans should form harmonic relationships with the natural environment. By doing so, Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems shall be preserved, thereby sustaining and meeting the needs of future generations. Each individual can do his/her part in ensuring that this mission is sustainable. Here are five unique blogs to follow as one gears towards a more sustainable life! They all specialize in a wide variety of topics, ranging from food to books.
1. Sustainable Food For Thought!

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Nourished Kitchen is a blog that focuses on food and innovative culinary methods while promoting local sustainable agriculture. The blog features scrumptious recipes for a wide variety of foods, made using minimally processed procedures and with the healthiest ingredients possible. Learn how to make savory foods such as pho, lentil soup or chicken broth, and afterwards, finish off with a great dessert, such as bittersweet tiger nut brownies or strawberry mint sorbet.

Pho by Nourished Kitchen

Strawberry mint sorbet by Nourished Kitchen

2.Live Sustainably

Picture by Vegan Food and Living

The Kind Life is a blog started by Alicia Silverstone. It is a blog that seeks to combine happy healthy living with the notion of being kind and caring to mother Earth. The actress shares recipes and suggestions for sustainable wellness products to buy. In addition to that, the actress blogs about eco-friendly tips and habits for a green home, great tips on excellent pet care, easy solutions to promote sustainability, and updates about events/projects that focuses on environmental issues.

3. Zero Waste

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Shia was prompted to to live sustainably, primarily through the means of minimalism, in which she creates little to zero waste. She was inspired by the story of the Johnsons and how their whole year of landfill trash produced could be squeezed into a mere mason jar. She now dedicates her time to running a blog called Wasteland Rebel! This blog offers something for everyone, as she makes posts about helpful ways to live healthier and greener. Feel free to read about Shia’s zero waste recipes, wellness/beauty tips, and household cleaning solutions, then proceed to test them out! In addition to that, the blog also makes mention of history, news, and recent developments concerning zero waste.

Shia, shopping from the bulk section.

4. Sustainable Fashion

Photo by Ecocult

Ecocult is a blog that focuses on promoting sustainable fashion. According to editor in chief Alden Wicker, it’s possible to be environmentally friendly activist while looking as fashionable as possible.  This blog offers fashion tips for different occasions and seasons. There’s also entries regarding places to shop in numerous locations that carries sustainable fashion brands. This blog is perfect for individuals who are green citizens that want to stay up to date with fashion trends.

5. Ecotravel

Two Wandering Soles is a husband-wife duo that are avid globetrotters. In their blog, the couple posts and updates readers about places they’ve been to and which ones they are planning to go to in the future. They do a wonderful job of providing breaktaking photos of the landscapes while they blog about the culture, food, and general experience of the places. While doing so, the couple offers useful suggestions of how to budget when traveling and sustainably.

Ben and Katie of Two Wandering Soles near Haystack Rock (Oregon)

All the blogs offer a multitude of different ways to promote sustainability. Different methods and suggestions could apply to a variety of individuals, of whom, will share unique interests!  There are challenges to accessibility and everyone may not have the same resources to implement suggested changes. Remember that, the individual has free rein in choosing the methods geared towards being more green and environmentally friendly!

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