2018 Enviromentors and Enviromentees

In order to create pathways for engagement between alumni, professionals, and students, SERC’s mentorship program fosters an encouraging space for all participants to grow both professionally and personally. This year-long program matches student Enviromentees with Enviromentors currently working in the environmental field, and offers the opportunity to network with students and professionals who share similar passions.

Meet the Enviromentors

Andrea Octaviano | Brianna Boone | Cecilia Mejia | Claire Evangelho | Dara Sengchanthavong | Delaney Basile | Kira Barsten | Laura Cowell | Leonel Solorio | Lydia Zou | Maia Griffith | Melanie Rodriguez Fuente | Metta Nicholson | Skye Michel | Wesley Tam

Meet the Enviromentees

Alexandra Lalor | Amanina Shofry | Brian Gialketsis | Ella Belfar | David Jaber | Dennis Uyat | Greg Haet | Jimmy Dunn | Kaela Shigi | Louis Spanias | Maggie Li | Niklas Lollo | Pallavi Sherikar | Rory Jacobson | Steven Patrick Chan